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Dad helping his small girl to drink a glass of water.

About our water

Nestlé® Pure Life®

Nestlé® Pure Life® earned its place as the world’s largest bottled water brand by delivering pure, safe water in more than 40 countries, across five continents, and through generations of consumers. Nestlé® Pure Life® is committed to Healthy Family Hydration. The soft, gentle taste appeals to kids and adults alike. Every drop comes from carefully selected and protected springs, bottled at the source to ensure quality.

Nestlé® Pure Life® was born in Pakistan in 1998, spreading to Europe in 2000 and the United States in 2002. Each step of the way, Nestlé® Pure Life® has won over consumers who care about the quality and safety of their water.  Nestlé® Pure Life® is dedicated to bringing the benefits of healthy hydration to as many people as possible, at an affordable price. Economical and convenient bottle formats provide access to quality refreshment wherever you go. The brand’s belief in creating shared value for society extends to its package optimization efforts, which have reduced PET consumption by thousands of tons per year.

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Our quality process

From collection to testing, our water goes through several steps so that you can enjoy its refreshingly crisp taste, every time.
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Recycling our bottles

All of our PET bottles are recyclable. Once recycled, they’ll be cleaned, dried and melted to form pellets, called nurdles, that can be recycled back into the bottle or used to make other useful products.

What happens when you recycle our bottles?

1. Collecting

Your bottle is picked up and taken to the recycling center.

2. Sorting

Items are separated according to the resin they’re made from.

3. Shredding

A machine cuts your bottle into tiny bits and pieces.

4. Cleaning

These pieces are washed to get rid of anything that was inside the bottle.

5. Melting

The pieces are heated up and turned into tiny pellets, called nurdles.


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For kids

Easy to grip, perfect for lunch boxes or after school activities.

On the go

Great for an active lifestyle, when you need a little extra hydration.

At home

Easy to pour, whether on the table with meals or in the fridge.