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Our commitment

Water is a shared, precious and renewable resource that must be cared for in order to preserve it for future  generations. We take our responsibility to this very seriously and work hard to protect the spring water sources and surrounding land that supplies our UK spring water. Sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment are at the heart of everything we do.

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Caring for Water

Water is essential for life and the way we use it and take care of this precious natural resource is important for all of us. So, we manage sources sustainably, protecting the natural purity of our waters and strengthening biodiversity surrounding them. 

We are proud that our site in Buxton, Derbyshire is the first in the UK to achieve the prestigious Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Standard certification with platinum status – an important international recognition for outstanding commitment to responsible water policies and initiatives


workers inspecting water bottles on production line

Energy & Water Sustainability

As part of our business commitment to become carbon neutral by 2025, our UK production facility is powered by 100% renewable electricity and proud to be accredited Zero Waste to Landfill. Taking inspiration from the beautiful surrounding Peak District, our state-of-the art factory in Derbyshire, UK is designed and built with sustainability at its core and is one of Europe's most innovative and efficient bottling facilities. With a new 14000m2 warehouse facility, bringing distribution in-house significantly reduces the need to transport our product to other sites by road, cutting an estimated 480 tonnes in carbon emissions every year based on current volumes. 

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Packaging & Recycling

Since 2013, we've removed 13,793 tonnes of Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic from the Nestlé® Pure Life® range by changing to a lighter weight bottle. What's more - all of our bottles, including the cap are fully recyclable. So once you've finished, simply drop your empty into the recycling bin. Once collected and sent to a recycler, our bottles are cleaned, dried and melted into pellets and can be easily used for all kinds of new, reusable things but more importantly, for making new bottles.  

Our 250ml bottles are now made from 100% recycled plastic (rPET) which means they can go on to become other bottles. We're currently working hard to increase our use of rPET across the whole Nestlé® Pure Life® range and support the UK-wide Deposit Return Scheme. By recycling your bottles, you can help to close the loop on plastics. Let’s act together and recycle! 

And we are proud members of the WRAP Plastic Pact, which also aims to create a circular economy for plastics.