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Our quality process

About our water

Our quality process

We’re committed to delivering crisp, clean tasting water, and we have high standards. That’s why every drop goes through a rigorous quality and safety process.

Collection, Filtration and Storage

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Careful Collection

Pumping of spring water from deep boreholes located within a protected catchment. Spring water then travels to the factory via stainless steel pipes.

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Removal of any natural particles from the aquifer that may still be present in the water upon arrival at the factory. 

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The water moves to storage tanks, where its checked daily.

Bottling and Labelling

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We bottle in a state-of-the-art filling room. Most of our bottles are made on-site, so we can be sure they’re up to our standards.

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Every bottle is labelled and stamped with the time and place where it’s filled.

Clean and test

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Cleaning Process

The equipment is automatically cleaned at specific times and temperatures to make sure everything remains spotless, from start to finish.

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Quality Assurance

Water, packaging and processes are all monitored by a Quality Assurance team to make sure they meet our quality and safety standards.

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Laboratory Check

Samples of our water are analysed before and after each step in our process and checked against regulatory standards.