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Be a Planet Hero - Recycle!

Hunt plastic waste like a lion!


nestle pure life lion icon


Did you know that lions tend to have more success hunting in a group than on their own? These powerful predators work together by surrounding their prey on all sides and driving them into an ambush – where a hungry lion waits to deliver the fatal blow! 

We need skilled hunters like YOU to help us clean up our planet!

Help us make the world a cleaner place by hunting out the items below, collecting them up and taking them to a bin – recycling what you can.



nestle pure life lion water bottle

Water bottle

cardboard fast food container

Fast food wrapper

white plastic bag

Plastic bag

lion cub licking its paws


two lions blue icon

Travel in pairs

A lone lion isn’t as successful a hunter as when the whole pride hunts together –
rally your friends and family to help you on your clean-up mission! 




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Become a Planet Hero with our Kids' Handbook!


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