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Be a Planet Hero - Recycle!

Spy for plastic waste like an eagle!


nestle pure life eagle icon


Did you know that eagles are spectacular hunters? With a wingspan of over seven feet (two metres), they soar low over the land, using their incredible eyesight to pinpoint their prey and strike, in one swift swoop!

We need eagle-eyed Planet Heroes like YOU to help us clean up our planet!

Help us make the world a cleaner place by hunting out the items below, collecting them up and taking them to a bin — recycling what you can.


blue plastic cutlery

Plastic cutlery

three plastic drinking straws

Drinks straw

plastic bottle cap

Bottle cap

eagle feet on a tree branch


two eagles silhouettes icon

Travel in pairs

Some eagles have been spotted hunting in pairs –– why not ask an eagle-eyed friend or relative to join you?



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Become a Planet Hero with our Kids' Handbook!


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