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About our water

Nestlé® Pure Life®



Eco Shape Bottle

Living well must involve caring about the health of our planet the way we care about the health of those we love.
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Our 12-step quality process

From collection to testing, our water goes through 12 steps so that you can enjoy its refreshingly crisp taste, every time.
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Quality Awards

Receiving the awards signifies that Nestlé Waters embodies a good model for a food and beverage business enterprise. It operates with good governance, manufacturing its products to the highest quality and safety standards in a socially-responsible manner.
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A size for

Whatever you’re doing, we’ve got the bottle for you.

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For kids

Small enough to fit in lunch boxes, backpacks and purses.

On the go

Easy to grip. Stay hydrated while on the go.

At home

Drink at home throughout the day. Perfect for parties, travelling, and mealtimes.

At work

Providing quality water for hydration at the office.