Nestle Purelife

Frequently asked

How Nestlé Pure Life 18.9L different from other drinking water?

Nestlé Pure Life is produced from quality underground water by the state-of-the-art machine under the close inspection and high quality control in every step as same as Nestlé France standard. Production processes are 100% touch-free and keep it that way until Nestlé Pure Life bottles are delivered to your hand. More than that Nestlé Pure Life 18.9L use “SMART CAP” that water will never spill off the bottle when you replace or remove from Nestlé Pure Life cooler.

If I lost my coupons. What should I do?

Coupon is considered as your property. If coupons were lost or damaged under your supervision, we reserved rights not to re-issue, reprint or replace in any cases and in both monetary form or other assets. Please keep coupons with care.

How to keep my water bottles properly?

You should keep water bottles or empty bottles in good ventilation area, avoiding direct sunlight or heat and away from poisonous chemicals, corrode agents, or strong smell substances. Empty bottle should be closed by its lid and never fill in with other liquid or any foreign body.

What kind of bottles that our officer can refuse to retrieve?

We reserved rights in refusal to retrieve any bottles those were damaged, dented, deformed, leaked, or contain foreign body inside the bottle or evidently that bottle was refilled with other liquid – substances under member’s custody. We also can refuse to retrieve those bottles if there were any chemical or non-washable paints stained on those bottles, had abnormal odor or color. Rejected bottles would be write-off from system and be settled with your bottle deposit.