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About Us

About Us

Nestlé Waters was founded in Paris, France in 1872. Today, it sustains its leading position in the global water market with 64 different products across 130 countries. Nestlé Waters is the bottled water affiliate of Nestlé S.A, the world's number one food and beverage company headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland.

A Brief Overview of Nestlé Pure Life's History

Nestlé Waters introduced its self-titled water product in December 1998 for the first time: Nestlé Pure Life. The product was first introduced to consumers in Pakistan.

The company's goal was to offer reliable, tasty and affordable drinking complying with its quality standards.

Its release in Pakistan was immediately followed by sales in Argentina, Thailand, Philippines, China and Mexico. 

Sales of Nestlé Pure Life were launched in North America in 2002 and it had been sold in 17 countries until 2003.

Nestlé Waters was introduced to the Turkish market in 2001 under a partnership with Sanko Holding, currently producing natural spring water under the ‘Nestlé Pure Life’ brand since April 2002. Nestlé Waters Turkey's factory is based in Kestel, Bursa.

Nestlé Pure Life became a leading global brand, supplying healthy water for families, quickly, in 10 years as healthcare and family are at the center for Nestlé waters.

Nestlé Pure Life is available in 41 countries worldwide, together with Nestlé Aquarel and Nestlé Vera.

Nestlé Pure Life is a global leader in bottled water class, cited among the most consumed water brands in 14 countries.  (Source: Zenit 2010. Bev. Marketing USA/Canada)

As a billionaire Nestlé brand since 2006, Nestlé Pure Life sold over 8.5 billion liters of water in 2011. This way, once again, confirmed its number one position in the bottled water realm worldwide,

which means that more than 1,100 glasses of Nestlé Pure Life are being drunk per second, around the world!

Our Mission and Philosophy:

To create our product in the safest and healthiest conditions to perfectly address the requirements and expectations of end consumer, starting from the very bottom of the process, driven by our goal to provide top-quality products and exceptional services; to deliver our product to consumers with a sales and marketing team of people embracing the total quality mindset.

Since its inception, achieving 100% customer satisfaction has always been a goal adopted by Nestlé Waters, by providing top quality and highest standard products and services for consumers.

Our respect for human, society and environment is a core value in helping us achieve this mission. We, therefore, have been delivering healthy, safe, delicious and quality products to our consumers since 1872.

Our Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Policy:

We aim to eliminate the root cause of dangers, achieve zero occupational accidents, prevent occupational losses and avoid harm against environment. Therefore, our goal - in all our activities and operations - is to:

Adhere to relevant legal regulations regarding OHSE as well as fulfill requirements thereof,

Take protective measures to create a safe work environment by assessing all kinds of OHS risks, 

Train all our employees, contractors and customers and develop our systems through mutual communication therewith, based on awareness of the fact that no activity can be more important than ensuring security precautions,

Enhance safety of our technical equipment and facilities each day, while promoting secure behaviors among our workers,

Ensure that wastes are sorted by minimizing them at the core, that they can be recycled and disposal is based on appropriate methods, while ensuring efficient use of natural resources,

Consider the OHS impacts of facilities, processes and products at the project stage, determine and minimize potentially harmful impacts on environment, reduce consumption of materials and energy, 

Follow and develop measurable goals set to ensure sustainability of our improved OHSE performance and prevent pollution by leveraging appropriate technologies,

Ensure active engagement of our entire labor force in OHSE efforts, while carrying out our daily operations in line with OHSE rules. 

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