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Quality Reports

Quality Reports

Quality Reports


Nestlé Pure Life guarantees its special hygienic conditions to ensure that the water quality at the time of bottling is maintained to the point of purchase.

In all stages of the processes, quality assurance and food safety pre-requirements, operational controls and measures are applied.

From the water source to the packaging process, close to 2000 controls and analyzes are carried out to ensure that the product reaches you.

Nestlé Pure Life is manufactured with Nestlé guarantee. Nestlé, with its well-deserved reputation and experience in the field of packaged water and food products, helps you make the right decision in selecting quality water by producing Nestle Pure Life.

Healthy Water and Safe Bottle

Nestlé Pure Life is obtained from the spring water, which is miles away from the peaks of Uludağ and from the settlement centers. In every stage of production, microbiological, sensory and chemical laboratory tests are carried out.

Packaging materials such as preform, cap, 19.0 L bottle, PET resin, etc. which are in contact with water, are passed through many tests such as our water. Because the quality of water as well as the quality of water, as well as the quality of water in the quality of the material is transported is 100% effective.

Nestlé Pure Life bottle and other packaging materials with proprietary design are manufactured from packaging raw materials approved for food safety. In addition, Nestlé's R & D laboratories in Paris have been tested and packaging materials are used to determine if there is any harm in contact with water.

When selecting suppliers of packaging materials, suppliers working in accordance with the Nestlé Quality System are preferred. First, suppliers are inspected on site and approved if appropriate. Nestlé Waters sees its suppliers as long-term business partners and shares its international know-how on NGMP, HACCP, Quality System and analysis methods with its suppliers and acts with a sense of progress together.

Each packaging material used in production is used in production after physical, chemical and microbiological tests are completed and after the approval of the quality department.

The process from the source of water to the closure of the bottle cap is carried out under special rules as kadar high hygienic area S. The hygienic design of the machine and transmission lines, the controlled entrances that can only be carried out by authorized personnel are examples of special rules.

Special applications for food safety in high hygienic area, moderate hygienic area and low hygienic areas are called GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and are implemented by food engineers under the umbrella of HACCP and Nestlé Quality System and Nestlé Pure Life is offered to consumers by this guarantee.

Protection of Resources and Quality Control

The international authorities (Codex Alimentarius) apply very strict standards for food and drink, but each country adapts these standards to their own needs (in order to comply with their own standards and consumer habits). The bottled water industry also has its own additional standards.

Nestlé Waters, the world leader in bottled water production, has its own additional standards. The hydrological, physical, chemical and bacteriological additional control procedures of Nestlé Waters include more sanctions than international standards. "