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3 bottles of Nestlé Pure Life water bottles – “Frequently asked questions” page

About Water

About Water

Water is one of the healthiest ways to hydrate. It contains no sugar or calories, and nothing is added. It is completely natural and untouched as nature intended, but not all water is the same. Some consumers choose natural source water because they prefer the taste, some prefer it because it is natural and has not been chemically treated. Some just like the convenience of being able to buy water in a lightweight, fully recyclable bottle, while on the go.

The main difference is that natural source water must be safe to drink at source, without treatment, whereas the water that comes out of a tap is chemically treated to make it safe to drink. Each natural source water has its own unique composition depending on the geology of the land it is sourced from, which will give it distinctive qualities and taste. Natural source water producers take pride in protecting the environment and ensuring their quality of their product.

Both natural mineral and spring water must originate from a natural, protected underground source; be bottled at source; and be safe to drink without treatment. The main difference between natural mineral water and spring water is the requirement of natural mineral water to have a characteristic, stable mineral composition. Slight variations in mineral composition will occur seasonally dependent on climate and rainfall levels effecting the flow of water through the ground. Bottled drinking water, also known as table water, is drinking water which is bottled, and is neither spring water nor natural mineral water. It can come from a variety of sources, including municipal supplies.

This has nothing to do with the product itself but is related to the packaging. All our water is bottled into a PET bottle which is 100% recyclable. PET is breathable so by storing water for long periods of time, tiny amounts of water can evaporate. By having a best before date, we're ensuring you are getting the amount of water you are paying for.