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3 bottles of Nestlé Pure Life water bottles – “Frequently asked questions” page

About Nestlé®
Pure Life®

About Nestlé® Pure Life®

What is Nestlé® Pure Life®?

Nestlé® Pure Life® is a spring water that comes from protected, underground, natural sources and is suitable for all ages with exception of infants under six months. Bottled at source in our factories, it is safe to drink at source and free from any chemical treatment. Nestlé® Pure Life® is a popular bottled water brand both in the UK and globally across five continents. Read more about us here.

Where can I find Nestlé® Pure Life®?

Nestlé® Pure Life® packs are available in all major retailers in the UK.

In which formats is Nestlé® Pure Life® available?

Nestlé® Pure Life® water is available in a number of different still and sparkling formats, including larger bottles and multipacks. Available formats are: 50cl single PET bottle 1L single PET sport cap bottle– which have a flip-up recyclable plastic lid and easy-drink mouthpiece, ideal for use during sports or on the go. 1.5L single PET bottle 6x1.5L PET pack 10x33cl PET sport cap pack 12x50cl PET pack 8x25cl PET pack - ideal for your little ones. We also have sparkling water: 8x50cl PET pack and 1.5L plain water and 1L flavoured water (strawberry and mango & pineapple natural flavours) All our bottles are 100% recyclable through your household, kerbside recycling bins. View the range in more detail here.

Where is Nestlé® Pure Life® from?

The main sources for Nestlé® Pure Life® are Lightwood, in Derbyshire, and Oakwood, in Pembrokeshire. However, from time to time, we may bring in Nestlé® Pure Life® sourced from different springs in neighbouring EU countries, all of which meet Nestlé quality standards, to supply an increasing demand in the UK.

Is Nestlé® Pure Life® purified water?

In the UK, Nestlé® Pure Life® is a spring water that comes from protected, underground, natural sources. Bottled at source in our factories, it is safe to drink at source and free from any chemical treatment. Spring water is water that flows naturally to the surface from an underground aquifer or is pumped through a borehole at the source.

I’m participating in an event, can Nestlé® Pure Life® help?

We receive a huge number of requests for support each year and would love to help every worthy cause, but it is just not possible. We consider all of them carefully, but unfortunately can only proceed with a limited number. Our efforts are focussed where we can best bring a real and tangible benefit to the communities in which we operate. Our support is concentrated around helping local groups to develop a sound understanding of good health and wellbeing, and to local projects that share our commitment to the environment and sustainability. If you think that is you then please contact us at: [email protected]

Is Nestlé® Pure Life® different to tap water?

Water is one of the healthiest ways to keep you hydrated, whether bottled or tap water. It contains no sugar or calories. However there are clear differences between spring and tap water: Spring water originates from a natural, protected underground source and is safe to drink without any chemical treatment. Many people prefer the water they drink to be untreated, others simply like the taste. Tap water can come from a variety of sources such as rivers, lakes and reservoirs and undergo chemical treatment to make it safe to drink.

What should I do if I’m disappointed in my water?

We want you to enjoy every drop of Nestlé® Pure Life®. Our high quality standards mean each bottle should meet your expectations. However, if for any reason you are not happy with the product, please contact us by email, phone or post. You can find find our Customer Service details here or alternatively on all our packs.

Are you draining water from developing countries?

As a producer of natural source, spring water, we are custodians of the land and protect our water sources from pollution and encourage biodiversity. We recognise the responsibility we have to operate sustainably to safeguard water resources for future generations. You can read more about our purpose and values here.


Are you protecting the water sources at Lightwood?

Nestlé Waters has a long history of environmental stewardship. We work hard to protect the spring water sources and surrounding land that supplies our UK spring water. Our in-house water expertise includes Natural Resource Managers and Hydrogeologists who closely monitor the amount of water being extracted and its quality. We also collaborate with a number of external experts to safeguard these shared resources. As part of our our longstanding commitment to sustainable water management and creating shared value in our communities, we are working towards the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) accrediatation. This accreditiation asks for the best practices in sustainable water balance, good water quality, and good water governance to ensure the long term sustainability of water resources. We will be working towards this accreditation for our Buxton factory by 2020.

Why does Nestlé® Pure Life® have such a high level of sodium?

Sodium is naturally occurring in the water and is determined by layers of rock the water flows naturally through underground. The UK/EU set a maximum limit for water which 200mg/l. Nestlé Pure life’s sodium levels are well below this limit. The limit is set for taste reasons and not for health concerns [1].

[1] WHO Guidelines for Drinking Water, fourth edition, 2011

Is Nestlé® Pure Life® filtered or treated? Why and how?

Nestlé® Pure Life® passes through a sand bed filter to remove any sediment particles from the water before it is bottled. No treatment or chemicals are used in the bottling of our spring water.