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Nestlé® Pure Life® comes from carefully selected springs, and is bottled right at the source. We’re committed to quality so you can trust every drop.

Healthy Hydration

Water represents about 60% of an adult’s body weight.

* adults ¹ Mitchell et al. The Journal of Biological chemistry, 1945: 625-637

Water is at the centre of life, keeping you and your family’s bodies active and healthy, which is why it’s so important to drink enough each day. Discover the best ways to get water into your daily routine and how much you need to drink.

*Water contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive function and normal regulation of body temperature. At least 2L of water, from all sources, should be consumed per day as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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Pass it on

What did your mum pass on to you?

Mums pass on so many things to us. Truly special things like confidence, spirit or simply a healthy start in life with a choice towards water. That's why Nestlé® Pure Life® will be getting mums everywhere to show why they're #ProudToBeMyMum.

Pass on the love of water


Value for Nestlé® Pure Life® also creates value for society.

We’re actively engaged with multiple social and environmental initiatives from making water more fun for families all over the world and community building to reducing the amount of materials we use.

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Super Heroes drink water

Your favourite Super Heroes and awesome games

From colouring the Batmobile to creating your own Wonder Woman Paper Toy or watching your favourite Super Heroes in action, there is loads of fun stuff for you to play with along with your friends and family!

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