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Penguin power

Discover what makes emperor penguins wild about water!

Discover what makes emperor penguins wild about water!


Did you know?

Antartic penguin dive into water

Dive in!

Emperor penguins can dive up to 564 meters under water – that’s deeper than any other bird

Emperor penguin looking at baby emperor penguin


Eating so much seafood means drinking a lot of salty seawater, which could make them ill! Thankfully, penguins have a special gland just above their eye socket that removes excess salt from the blood which they pass – or sneeze – out of their beak, eww!

Group of penguins swimming in the water

Fancy flipperwork

Emperor penguins have strong flippers which allow them to zoom through the water at over 7.5km per hour!

Penguin trying to camouflage with the snow

Clever camouflage!

Penguins’ black and white coats aren’t just there for decoration, they serve a very special purpose in the water – camouflage! From above, their black backs disguise them in the dark ocean water and from below, their white tummies match the bright sunlit surface.

Penguin gliding through water

Waterproof tuxedos

They’re waterproof! Penguins produce a waterproof oil that they smear over their feathers to keep them warm and help them to glide through water.


Time to drink up

Time to drink up

Like emperor penguins, we're wild about water! Not only is it home to incredible animals, but it's good for you, too. Drink up - glug, glug, glug!



Be a planet hero – recycle!

Be a planet hero – recycle!