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Learn How The Cute Koala Hydrates


Here are five kool-ala reasons why these cute critters are one of our water heroes.

Did you know?

Koala sitting with eucalyptus leaves in its mouth

Juicy snack

Koalas have developed a clever trick for staying hydrated. Unlike humans—who (duh!) need to drink water—koalas get most of their moisture by eating juicy eucalyptus leaves that make up most of their diet.

Koala bear hugging tree

Funky fur

They might look soft and cuddly, but koalas actually have rough coats. Their coarse and wiry fur is waterproof and keeps them warm and dry.


Hot, hot, hot!

Koalas live in Australia, one of the driest countries in the world.
During extreme heat or drought, which can affect these critters’ food source, they’ll occasionally come down from trees to find water.

Cuddly koala with a baby koala bear on back

Thirsty work

A koala baby—called a joey—stops drinking its mother’s milk when it’s about six or seven months old. The joey then munches on eucalyptus leaves, just like Mom.

Cute koala bear sleeping on a tree

Midnight feast

These cute critters have odd dinner hours. They usually sleep during the day and munch at night. That’s when the weather cools down, which helps the koala conserve moisture.



Time to drink up

Be sure to stay hydrated, just like our koala friends! Drink water regularly throughout the day. Glug, glug, glug!




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