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Home and Office delivery


Delivery service for drinking water size 18.9L

Dear Value Consumer,

After almost 10 years of service and dedication in providing you with Home & Office Delivery of NESTLÉ PURE LIFE® drinking water in 18.9-litre (5-gallon) bottles, we would like to inform you that Nestlé (Thai) Ltd. has decided to focus fully on developing Nestlé Pure Life’s presence in retail channels in formats from 0.33-litres to 6-litres.

Therefore, Nestlé is now in the process of transferring the Home & Office Delivery service for NESTLÉ PURE LIFE® in 18.9-litre bottles to Sprinkle (under M. Water Co., Ltd.), a leading producer and distributor of drinking water in 18.9-litre bottles. We expect the transfer process to be completed by 30th June and any changes to this date will be communicated to you.

Sprinkle will continue to provide consumers with high-quality water and best-in-class Customer Care & Services under Sprinkle’s brand, which are key priorities for the company.  Established in 1986, Sprinkle is Thailand’s leading producer of 18.9-litre bottles of drinking water with a production capacity of 400 million litres per year. The company has an efficient logistics system with 200 delivery trucks and 12 distribution centers to serve customers in the Greater Bangkok area. Sprinkle has state-of-the-art production facilities that provide high-quality drinking water and have ISO 9001: 2008GMP and HACCP certifications.

During this transfer, both Nestlé and Sprinkle will make Quality and Customer Service a priority to ensure a smooth transition and continuation of delivery service for your 18.9-litre bottles. Until 30th June 2018, Nestlé continues to provide consumers with the service for 18.9-litre bottles of NESTLÉ PURE LIFE®. Starting from 1st July 2018, Sprinkle will be the service provider for drinking water in 18.9-litre bottles under Sprinkle’s brand. If there is any change to this date, we will inform you accordingly.  We also would like to confirm that:

  • You can contact Sprinkle Hotline Customer Services at 02-705-7272
  • Your coupons for NESTLÉ PURE LIFE® in 18.9-litre bottles will remain valid and you can use them to redeem 18.9-litre Sprinkle bottles under the existing terms.
  • Any deposits you have previously paid to Nestlé for Empty Water Bottles or Water Coolers will be settled directly to you by Sprinkle.
  • Your current delivery day of the week will be maintained, and Sprinkle will inform you directly in case of any future changes.

Nestlé and Sprinkle would like to thank you for your co-operation during this transition. If you have any enquiries, the Nestlé Contact Center and Sprinkle Customer Services are at your disposal to assist you.