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Protect our wildlife!

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Our planet is a beautiful place! By recycling, we can help keep it that way for years to come. Check out how plastic pollution can affect wildlife, and what YOU can do to help…


Time for action

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Wild spaces

National Parks and wildlife reserves can still be affected by plastic pollution. Respect wild animals like cheetahs, pangolins and wolves by always taking your plastic waste to the nearest recycling bin!

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Our oceans

Animals that live in and around water – like sea otters and river otters – sometimes eat plastic by mistake. Recycling helps to keep plastic out of our oceans and protect our marine life!

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City living

Plastic can be a problem for wildlife in cities, too. Thankfully, lots of cities have recycling bins, making it easier to recycle your trash and keep cities and green spaces trash-free!


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How YOU can help!

Recycling helps to keep our planet and wildlife healthy. Together, we can make pollution a thing of the past!


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