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Pangolin party!

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Discover more about these fascinating endangered mammals…

Did you know?

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Super scales

There are eight different species of pangolin, four that live in Asia and four that live in Africa. Pangolins have tough scales over most of their body. The scales are made of kertain – the same material as human fingernails!

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Dinner time

Pangolins have amazingly long, sticky tongues that are perfect for poking into ant nests for a delicious snack! They are able to close their nostrils and ears to protect them from ant bites.

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Roll up, roll up

Pangolins have a clever way of protecting themselves from predators. When threatened, they quickly roll into a tight ball, using their scales like a suit of armor!


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Your mission: roll like a pangolin

Position your recycling bin at the end of flat surface, like the end of a table or kitchen counter. Take your NESTLÉ® PURE LIFE® bottle, lay it down on the flat surface and give it a firm push, aiming for the recycling bin. Can you get the bottle to drop inside? Once you get confident, try rolling your bottle from further and further away.


Remember, Planet Heroes...

If your NESTLÉ® PURE LIFE® bottle has a sleeve, remove it and put it in the general waste before recycling the bottle.

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