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Wild Animals

Weird But True


Deserts are often thought of as hot sandy places, but the two largest deserts on Earth are in Antarctica and the Arctic. They’re known as polar deserts due to the lack of rainfall and plant life.


Giraffes in group


That’s the depth of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean, which is thought to be the deepest part of the ocean. It’s so deep that if you put Mount Everest (the world’s tallest mountain) in there, you’d still have over 2 kilometres of ocean to the surface!


Top tips Wolly mammoths


Earth's water is in a constant cycle, meaning that we drink the same water as King Tut, the first humans and the dinosaurs!


Top tips lion


When water’s available, you’ll often find lions quenching their thirst at a waterhole.


Top tips Frogs


The reason tree frogs croack before it rains? It's the best time to call for a mate!


Top Tips Harpseal




Be a planet hero – recycle!