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Wild Animals

Super slow loris facts!


Discover what makes these cute creatures one of our water heroes.

Did you know?

Slow loris on a tree

Forest dwellers

Slow lorises live in the tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia. They’re part of the primate family, along with another of our Wild About Water heroes: gorillas

A cute slow loris looking at something in its natural habitat

Night vision

These cute critters are nocturnal, meaning that they sleep during the day and are active at night. Their extra-large eyes help them see in the dark.

A slow loris showing off the tongue


Slow lorises have two tongues! A jagged “under tongue” is used to clean their teeth, while a longer tongue slurps liquid nectar from flowers.

Slow loris climbing a tree in its natural habitat

Clever climbers

Slow lorises are excellent climbers with incredibly strong hands and feet. When hunting insects, slow lorises will use their hind legs to grip onto a tree branch and then lunge forward, catching their prey between both hands.

Slow loris trying to quench its thirst eating insect and flowers

Sweet tooth!

Nocturnal creatures, slow lorises venture out at night to feast on insects, lizards, eggs, fruit, gums and tree sap. Occasionally, they’ll quench their thirst by licking moisture off leaves!



Time to drink up

Like slow lorises, we need to stay hydrated! Quench your thirst by drinking water regularly throughout the day. Glug, glug, glug!




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