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Wild Animals

Did you know?


Now that’s what we call paw power! Pandas also get moisture from the juicy bamboo plants they eat. They can munch up to 83 pounds (38kgs) a day. Yum!




Koalas love two things: eating and sleeping! In fact, these sleepy critters can spend around 18 hours snoozing, every single day!


Emperor Penguins


Emperor penguins may dive the deepest, but gentoo penguins swim the fastest! Their paddle-shaped flippers help them to zoom through water at speeds of up to 22 miles an hour.




Meerkats are excellent lookouts that stand on their hind legs to keep a careful watch for predators.




No one truly knows the reason why parrots do this, but it's thought that it softens their grub, allowing them to swallow it whole!


Harp Seals



Be a planet hero – recycle!