Father and two son

About us

Nestlé Pure Life earned its place as the world’s largest bottled water brand by delivering pure, safe water in more than 40 countries, across five continents, and through generations of consumers. Nestlé Pure Life is committed to Healthy Family Hydration. It comes from carefully protected underground deep well using our 13 Steps quality production process. We are committed to quality so you can trust every drop.

Nestlé Pure Life was born in Pakistan in 1998, spreading to Europe in 2000, the United States in 2002 and Nigeria in 2005. Each step of the way, Nestlé Pure Life has won over consumers who care about the quality and safety of their water.

father and son

Nestlé Pure Life is dedicated to bringing the benefits of healthy hydration to as many people as possible, at an affordable price. Economical and convenient bottle formats and home and office delivery options provide access to quality refreshment wherever you go. The brand’s belief in creating shared value for society extends to its package optimization efforts, which have reduced PET consumption by thousands of tons per year.