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three bottles of nestle pure life purified water

Frequently asked

Nestlé® Pure Life® packs are available in all major retailers, or you can contact us on our website, and Facebook page.

See all Nestlé® Pure Life® available formats here.

Underground Water or Desalinated Water

You can reach us at 2650000 or order through our Facebook page and when we receive your order, we'll call you to confirm your order and schedule your first delivery of bottled water, and set up a new water dispenser (if you've selected one). Then, according to the agreed visit frequency, we'll pick up the empty bottles and replace them with new ones. And you can always manage your deliveries by calling customer service at 2650000.

We deliver to you approximately on weekly or bi-weekly basis according to your consumption.

Bottled water should be stored in a cool (i.e. room temperature), dry environment away from sources of odor, such as household cleaning products, solvents such as gasoline, paint thinners and other toxic or odorous materials, and away from direct sunlight. A partially consumed bottle should be capped when not being consumed.