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Nestlé® Pure Life® 0.33L Water Bottles for Kids


Several fun designs to suit your kids. Small enough to fit in lunch boxes, backpacks and purses. An easy, effective way to keep your family hydrated through the day.


Nestlé® Pure Life® 0.33L Water Bottle

Easy to grip, our 0.33L bottle will keep you hydrated wherever you are.


Nestlé® Pure Life® 0.6L Water Bottle

Satisfy your thirst with an extra sip or two. Great for taking with you, lunchtime or filling the fridge.

1.5l bottle

Nestlé® Pure Life® 1.5L Water Bottle

The perfect size for parties, travelling, picnics and mealtimes. Or just sip all day and keep track of your water intake.


Nestlé® Pure Life® 2L Water Bottle

Great for sharing and easy to pour. Drink at home, camping or wherever else you need more refreshment.

6l bottle

Nestlé® Pure Life® 6L Water Bottle

Providing hydration in a bigger size at home.

5G water gallon

Nestlé® Pure Life® 18.9L Water Bottle

Providing hydration throughout the day, at home for the whole family to enjoy or even at the office.


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