Reducing waste

NESTLÉ PURE LIFE may be a global brand. But local sourcing and bottling is a key part of our commitment to sustainability. By keeping our bottling close to major water-drinking areas, we limit waste produced by transporting shipments long distances. We're also actively engaged with multiple environmental initiatives to reduce the amount of materials we use, including the following:

Nestlé Waters optimizing packaging weights

Since 2012, Nestle Waters has reduced the amount of plastic used in packaging with our best-in-class PET lightweight bottles. In 32 sizes across 12 markets, we've saved 7,200 tons of material.

Water task force

Since 2013, Nestlé Waters sent a water task force to water-bottling sites. Over a two to three-day period, this team of experts identifies opportunities and recommends actions to help the site improve water usage. In 2015, Nestlé Waters Nigeria reduced the quantity of PET used to produce it’s 60cl regular bottle from 15gm to 13gm. Good for the environment! Easy to recycle!