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Nestlé Pure Life comes from carefully protected underground deep well using our 13 Step quality production process. We’re committed to quality so you can trust every drop.


Water represents about 60% of an adult's body weight

Water is at the centre of life, keeping you and your family’s bodies healthy which is why it’s so important to drink enough each day. Discover the best ways to get water into your daily routine and how much you really need to drink.

Healthy hydration


Value for Nestlé also creates value for society

We’re actively engaged in water education for teachers and students in public schools in Abaji, Lagos, Ogun, and Osun states. To date we have trained over 8,000 students, 453 teachers in 140 schools.

We recently commissioned a new community water facility for Maderegi village in Abaji, which will provide access to safe and clean drinking to the community.

Nestlé Pure Life