About our water

Our 12-step quality process

We’re committed to delivering crisp, clean tasting water, and we have high standards. That’s why every drop goes through a rigorous 12-step quality process.

Collect and purify

Careful Collection

We collect water from a well or municipal supply which is regularly checked for quality. It travels through stainless steel pipes in our factories.

Carbon Filtration

If it comes from a municipal supply, the water is filtered through activated carbon to remove chlorine and some other chemicals that might be present.


Then minerals are removed by boiling the water and collecting its condensation, known as distillation, or by forcing it through a membrane, known as reverse osmosis.

Add minerals and filter


The water moves to storage tanks, where its checked daily.


Next just the right balance of minerals is added, to give our water its refreshing, smooth taste.


The water then passes through very small sieve-size filters.

Bottle and label


We destroy bacteria with ultraviolet light rays - and/or sometimes ozone gas.


We bottle in a state-of-the-art filling room. Most of our bottles are made on-site, so we can be sure they’re up to our standards.


Every bottle is labeled and stamped with the time and place where it’s filled.

Clean and test

Cleaning Process

The equipment is automatically cleaned at specific times and temperatures to make sure everything remains spotless, from start to finish.

Quality Assurance

Water, packaging and processes are all monitored by a Quality Assurance team to make sure they meet our standards.

Laboratory Check

Finally, samples of our water are sent to the National Testing Laboratory where they’re checked against state and national standards.