Try our 3 New Fruity Flavors
Try our 3 New Fruity Flavors
Try our 3 New Fruity Flavors

Nestle Pure Life 6.75 oz Watermelon Flavored Fruity Water

for kids FOR KIDS on the go ON THE GO

Our wondrous Watermelon Fruity Water beverage is the perfect thirst-quenching fruit flavored water for any time of the year. As one of three Nestlé Pure Life Fruity Water flavors, these portable, kid’s water-boxes contain 0 sugars, 0 calories, sweeteners,
colors or preservatives with 100% yumminess. It also comes with a paper straw!

The natural Watermelon flavor not only tastes delicious, but helps hydrate your kids in a fun, entertaining way.

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Case of 8 6.75 oz Watermelon Fruity Water bottles

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