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Healthy Hydration

Daily exercise, a good night’s sleep and proper nutrition are all part of leading a healthy lifestyle. And we understand that with today’s busy schedules, it’s sometimes hard for families to stay on track. But drinking Nestlé® Pure Life® water is one of the easiest ways to stay hydrated and healthy throughout the day.

Live Pure

Drinking Nestlé® Pure Life® water contributes to keeping you hydrated through the day. And because it comes in a variety of sizes, it's easy for your family to live well – at school, work, on the go or at home during meal times.

Learn more about your family’s health and wellbeing with our collection of facts and articles about having fun and staying hydrated.

We’re made out of water

Water represents about 60% of an adult's body weight.

* adults ¹ Mitchell et al. The Journal of Biological chemistry, 1945: 625-637

Get your 2L a day

Why 2L of water a day? Discover the science behind the figures.

*Water contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive function and normal regulation of body temperature. At least 2L of water, from all sources, should be consumed per day as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Kids run on water

Children never stop! How to keep them hydrated and healthy, doing all the things they love.