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Take Action and Help Save Water for a Sustainable Future

Water is precious. That is why we consider the principles of sustainability when we source, produce and deliver natural water. When we take the time to make choices that include environmental and social aspects, we’re able to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Promoting circular packaging and recycling behaviour

Promoting circular packaging and recycling behaviour

Our bottles are designed to keep your favorite water naturally pure, safe and conveniently available no matter where you are. And their job is not over once you’ve enjoyed the last sip. All our packaging is designed to be fully recyclable! But we want to go even further and become fully circular in the way we design and manage packaging, so that no plastic bottle ends up in landfill or as waste. Instead, we give it a chance at a second life to become a brand-new bottle. Which is why we’re launching the first 100% recycled bottle made from recycled plastic (rPET) and have an ambition to help collect as many bottles as we produce by 2030.


Combining innovation and sustainability

Plastic should be regarded as a resource rather than a waste. This is why it should be managed in a way that prevents it from harming our environment. We have identified a solid plan with regards to the plastic used in our packaging. This plan ensures the elimination of the non-recyclable material in addition to the reduction of the amount of plastic used. Our ambition is to have 100% of our packaging recyclable or reusable by 2023 and none of our packaging, including plastic, to end up in landfill or as litter. Since 2015 we’ve reduced the amount of plastic in our products by an average of 15%. Moreover, we were the first movers to remove the neck sleeve from all our PET bottles, which was made of a non-recyclable material, and this initiative was later applied by other international brands in the bottled water category.

Enhancing quality of life and improving livelihoods

Enhancing quality of life and improving livelihoods

We help in developing thriving and resilient communities and support better livelihoods for those we live and work with. We have identified a roadmap with an objective of enhancing the living standards of the villagers in the community focusing on health and rural development.  

Health and wellbeing support

In 2018 we implemented a campaign to cure all the villagers from Hepatitis C followed by a campaign in 2019 where we conducted medical check-ups, analysis and treatment to all children in Kafr El Arbeen and Gamgara from the ages of 2 to 12 years old.

Local infrastructure support

In 2019 we kicked off the project of renovating Gamgara main road with a total length of 1,100 meters. This project also includes renovating the canal and underpinning Gamgara bridge to enhance the aesthetic and structural quality of the roads. The main objective of the project is to enhance the road infrastructure, facilitate movement, prevent road accidents and raise awareness in the village on the significance of road safety and cleanliness. This project will be inaugurated in 2021.

Youth empowerment

Believing that youth are the future leaders, we decided to reconstruct and renovate Kafr El Arbeen 1,020-square-metre youth center to host sports and social activities for Kafr El Arbeen and Gamgara villages with a total number of 22,000 beneficiaries.     


Access to water:

We have collaborated with governmental authorities to renovate the water station and expand the water pipe network to ensure clean quality water access to all residents in the community where we are operating. Our role will be to replace the old water storage tank with a new bigger tank, improve the well pumping efficiency, install a new filtration system to ensure water quality and to expand the piping network that feeds the homes.

Protecting water resources and regenerating the water cycle

Protecting water resources and regenerating the water cycle

Water is one of nature’s most precious resources, which is why water stewardship lies at the heart of everything we do. We’re going beyond the walls of our factory to work with the local community and our partners to find collective solutions to sustainable water management, to ensure the quality of the sources and the protection of the land around them for now and long into the future.


Caring for Water starts at our Factory

We’re always looking for new and innovative technologies and ideas that can help us make the best use of water throughout our processes. Recently in Egypt we have been able to reduce the amount of water extracted from the wells and adjusting them with the production need. This procedure significantly reduced the amount of well water consumed by more than 50,000,000 liters every year. In addition, a new method was invented for the nitrification process that reduced the duration of this process from 40 days to 2 days. As a result, the amount of water consumed for this process decreased from 23,000 cubic meters of water per filter to only 2,000 cubic meters.


Nestlé Waters Factory, first in Egypt to receive top certificate for water stewardship

Nestlé Waters Factory is the first manufacturer in Egypt that is certified by Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS). This is an international certification that sets rigorous criteria for managing water in ways that are environmentally, socially and economically beneficial. This is an important step for Nestlé Waters Egypt to be recognised as a responsible water user by the local community and global stakeholders. 


Being a good neighbour

We are taking a bigger ambition to reconfirm our stewardship commitment to lead the water regeneration and have a positive net water impact in Egypt. One of our projects is the rehabilitation of the Senaity water canal.  We cleaned it and we reinforced with cement the canal floor and walls to prevent leakage and improve flow of water for the irrigation of agricultural land.

Here comes your turn!

At Nestlé, our purpose is enhancing the quality of life and contributing to a healthier future. Going a step further is always our main aim and the recycling journey is an ambitious goal, and we can start from that moment on! We collaborated with Bekia to begin the journey from your doorstep just by one click below, you will be helping the environment and the future generations to live a healthy life.

Recycle…Go A Step Further.





The first 100% recycled bottle produced in the region

The first 100% recycled bottle produced in the region

The first 100% recycled bottle produced in the region

We have a long-standing commitment to sustainability, to reduce our impact on the environment and accelerate achieving a circular economy. This means we will reuse existing plastic to create new Nestlé Pure Life bottles.


•We believe that all new bottles should be made from other bottles

•In 2021, we passed a major milestone in our plastic sustainability roadmap by being the first brand in Egypt to launch a bottle that is made of 100% recycled plastic bottle. Like all Nestlé products, this bottle undergoes a rigorous quality process that consists of 10 steps to ensure the quality standards of it are as good as the whole Nestlé Pure Life portfolio. Moreover, Nestlé Pure Life water goes through 1 Million quality tests per year to reach the highest quality standards.

•All Nestlé Pure Life bottles are designed to be 100% recyclable – they’re easy to crush and drop into the recycling bin