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5 reasons why water is important for kids

It’s a well-known fact that water is important to your body. Little bodies are no exception. However, research has shown that more than 50 percent of US kids age 6-19 years old are inadequately hydrated. Learn more about why drinking water is an important habit for kids and get clever tips to keep your children hydrated.

They need to shake the sugar

All Americans–but kids and teens in particular–should be choosing water more often. Sugary drinks are the top source of added sugars for all Americans and the single largest source of calories for teens ages 14–18.

Kids Hydration Tip:
If drinking plain water is a battle in your house, consider a flavor boost! Add fresh oranges (or any fruit of their choice) to kids’ water along with crushed ice for a tasty treat free of added sugars.

It’s not top of mind

Half the hydration battle is reminding kids to drink up. The other half is getting them to actually follow through. 

Kids Hydration Tip:
Try a water chart and turn sipping into a challenge with fun rewards like stickers. Or, motivate them to hydrate with 8-ounce water bottles designed just for kids with colorful labels. 

They can’t stop, won’t stop

Kids are constantly on the move, between ballet lessons, soccer and generally horsing around all day. But did you realize your kids are losing water each time they sweat, breathe and visit the restroom? The hydration rule of thumb: replenish the amount of water lost throughout the day. This is especially important during exercise or hot weather when water-losses may increase.

Kids Hydration Tip:
Always keep water on hand during exercise, practice or playtime so it’s within grabbing distance.

It helps keep them regular

Noticed your little one hasn’t taken a bathroom break in a while? Or that he’s having trouble going #2? Lack of fluids can contribute to constipation. Along with fiber, exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle, make sure kids have adequate water intake to  help keep things “moving” in the right direction. 

Kids Hydration Tip:
Ask your child about the color of his urine. If it is dark-colored, rather than pale yellow, that might mean that your child is not drinking enough. (Note that the color of urine can be affected by certain foods, vitamin supplements or medical treatment, so consult your pediatrician if concerned)

It encourages healthy habits

Establishing healthy water habits is so important for kids, not only because it’s physiologically necessary for the body, but because psychologically it also teaches kids to make good choices. Moms surveyed by Nestle® Pure Life® say that kids who drink 4 or more glasses of water per day are more likely to eat fruits and veggies without nagging, get their own water, and ask for healthy foods and beverages for school lunch.4 

Kids Hydration Tip:
Be a water role model. When kids see the adults in their life choosing water, they’ll want to follow suit.

1Nestlé® Pure Life® conducted an online survey in June 2015 of more than 1,000 moms of children aged 6–12 years old. More than 1,000 kids aged 6–12 years old from the same household were also surveyed.