Our commitment

Water is precious. That is why we consider the principles of sustainability when we source, produce and deliver spring water. When we take the time to make choices that include environmental and social aspects, we’re able to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. 

Lady Checking Water Quality

Protecting our Resources

Water sustainability is NESTLÉ WATERS CANADA’s number one priority. In our over 15 years of operating sustainably in Wellington County, Nestlé has collected a solid body of third party scientific data on the local water resources. We monitor daily aquifer levels, spring flows, water quality and surface water levels to ensure long-term sustainability of the watershed and ecosystems for all users. 

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Water stewardship

In addition to being the official bottled water supplier to the Red Cross in Canada, providing millions of bottles of water over the last decade during natural disasters and through boil-water advisories.
Our Hope, BC, factory was the first AWS (Alliance for Water Stewardship) certified facility in Canada, and we are commited to certifying our Aberfoyle, ON, factory by 2020.

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Packaging & Recycling

Since 2005 we’ve reduced the amount of plastic in our 500 mL bottles by 40% (based on a weighted average). What’s more - all of our bottles are 100% recyclable. Once recovered and sent to a recycler, our bottles are cleaned, dried and melted into pellets (called nurdles) and can be used for new bottles and all sorts of new, reusable things.

Every drop counts

We’re committed to using water carefully. It takes more water to produce a bottle of spring water than the bottle actually contains. By improving our production processes, we now use approximately 1.2 liters of water to bring you a liter of Nestlé® Pure Life® spring water. This makes Nestlé® Pure Life® one of the most environmentally efficient bottled beverages anywhere.

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Investing in the future

We are on a deliberate journey to ensure recyclable materials are collected and recycled.  The PET bottle is a valuable resource that can be reused over and over. Today, 99% of Canadian households have access to PET bottle recycling at home; we also invest in public spaces recycling programs to ensure all Canadians have access to recycling facilities wherever they are.


We work with provincial and non-government recycling intiatives across Canada to support recycling programs, and NESTLÉ WATERS CANADA and its industry partners will continue to introduce innovative, new recycling programs across the country until every bottle we produce is collected.